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Staging An Odd Floor Plan

🕒 Read Time: 3 Minutes

This home was beautifully updated, but the floor plan and room shapes were a little… different!  The living room was oddly shaped and, since the house was vacant, buyers were having a hard time figuring out exactly how furniture could be set up.

We actually put this home on the market without furniture and after receiving a lukewarm response at the open houses we decided to pull it off the market to stage it.  We knew the issue was not with the house itself, but with getting buyers to see how the space could work.

BEFORE: The odd shaped living room left buyers scratching their heads

AFTER: Staging helped to clearly define the space and allowed buyers to visualize how it could be used day to day

Accessories make the space feel warm and inviting

Separating the room into 2 well defined areas helped buyers see how it could function as a multi purpose space

When we put this home back on the market the responses we received were very different.  Buyers were excited about the home and we received multiple offers!

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