The Construction Process

Step 1:

Fill out the initial PROJECT INQUIRY FORM.
Please provide as much detail as possible about your project!

Step 2:

Schedule initial video or phone call to discuss your project budget, timeline, and goals.
Chat about how you use the space and what is on your wish list.

Step 3:

Following the call, you will fall under one of these categories.

Step 3-A

-You may need to obtain more documentation such as an instrument survey or other town approval.
-Discuss ballpark pricing and determine what is needed for more detailed pricing
-We may schedule a follow up video call with Susan and Paul
-From here the project may move to option 3B

Step 3-B

If there are enough details available and the project seems like a good fit, we will schedule an in person visit with Susan and Paul to walk through the space and review your project scope.

Step 3-C

We may determine that the project is not a mutual fit. Some reasons for this might be distance from our service area, scope of work, or budgetary.

Step 4:

– Commit to a budget
– Create your idea board in Pinterest and share it with @SKadilak
– Provide detailed quote and scope of work, review and finalize
– Chat about disruptions and the reality of going through a renovation
– Finalize and Sign Construction Contract

Step 5:

– Schedule initial design meeting
– Review and finalize layouts
– Apply for permits 
– Order any materials possible with long lead times
– Determine schedule for start of work

Step 6:

– The chaos begins!
– Going through a renovation can be very stressful but we try to keep everyone focused on the goal line
– It is always worth it in the end!