Benjamin Moore Ocean floor, Benjamin Moore Harbor gray, large area rug

Choosing An Area Rug

Benjamin Moore Ocean floor, Benjamin Moore Harbor gray, large area rug
Benjamin Moore Ocean floor

For this project our clients were after a Cape Cod beachy vibe but with a comfortable, timeless aesthetic.  To start, we anchored the fireplace wall with bench seats and built in shelving so I chose a deep blue hue for the entire wall, appropriately named “Ocean Floor”, to bring it all together as one statement piece.

Then I added timeless elements like the natural marble surround, white oak floors, and brushed gold sconce lighting. 

When it came time to choose an area rug I wanted something that would enhance the vibe we were after and bring it to life so I was absolutely thrilled to have the chance to work with Revival Rugs on this project.  Here’s the process I went through to find the perfect rug!

Step One:  Choosing the style

Since I had a pretty neutral backdrop I wanted to find something that would add some pattern and color to the space.  In the end, with the New England coastal heritage inspiration in mind, I decided to focus on a vintage style rug.

Steps to choosing an area, how to choose an area rug

Step 2:  The Color Palette

When I saw the pinks and corals in this vintage one of a kind piece I knew it would pair beautifully with our deep blue backdrop and enhance our coastal theme.  The pattern details and soft textures are absolutely gorgeous!

As a very important side note, I chose a rather large 7’x11′ rug for this project and was thrilled that it arrived in a few short days neatly folded in a compact, easy to transport package.  I am also certain that my husband was equally as excited that I didn’t have to ask him to help me with it!

The Details


Step 3:  Sizing The Rug

I was working with a pretty large room (16’x24′)  so we focused the main seating area in front of the fireplace.  Here are some general tips for sizing your rug:

  • Measure your room and deduct 6″ from each wall.  This will give you your maximum size rug.
  • Measure your furniture to make sure that your new rug works with your pieces.
  • Choose a rug pad
  • Decide if your rug will float in front of your furniture or if it will sit under it.
how to size an area rug

The final Result!

I am so happy with how perfectly this rug completes this room!  The beautiful pattern, rich colors, and soft textures made it all come together.

Vintage Rug By Revival (2)
Vintage Rug By Revival (1)

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