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5 Tips When Choosing Door Hardware

We’re proud to use Schlage Hardware for all of our projects – we love how durable and easy to install the products are, so we’re thrilled to be partnering with the brand to share these tips.
Through Schlage’s 100-year heritage, the door hardware and home security company has built an upstanding reputation through its range of deadbolts, knobs, levers and smart locks.

Small Changes Make a Big Impact

When thinking about easy ways to update your home, consider the finer details. Door hardware, for example, can make a huge overall impact. Choosing the right door hardware can completely change the look and feel of your home. Just about every project we do involves at least some door hardware, and it often happens that once our clients see it installed, they decide to update the rest of the hardware in the house too! In this blog we’ll go through the selection process, focusing on 5 major things to consider when deciding on a style.

Door levers versus knobs, schlage flair lever, schlage georgian door knob
Shown:  Schlage Flair lever in aged bronze and Schlage Georgian knob in matte black are both stylish options for new door hardware.

1. Style: Knobs versus Levers

The first step in choosing a style is deciding whether you want to go with a lever or a knob. Knobs are a classic choice for any home and come in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to modern. If you aren’t a fan of the traditional look, Schlage also offers a more contemporary oval knob. These are my personal preference because they’re more difficult for kids and pets to operate, so they won’t be able to accidentally get into a space I’m trying to keep them out of! 

But, if you’re looking for something with an easier grip for when you have your hands full, or maybe you have someone in the family with arthritis or other difficulties, then levers may be a more convenient choice. Aesthetically they are generally more modern, but there are many styles and combinations to choose from. Even something as simple as a different backplate can completely change the look.

Satin brass schlage bowery door knob with collins trim, choosing knobs or levers, how to choose door hardware
Shown:  Schlage Bowery knob with Collins trim in Satin Brass mixes the simplicity of a round knob style with a modern square trim to create a more current, transitional look.

2. The Finish

When choosing the finish, it’s important to think about the overall look of your home. This includes age, style, and the finishes you already have installed, such as lighting and plumbing fixtures. In our projects the most popular choices are matte black, satin brass, and satin nickel, but Schlage has a stacked lineup of additional finishes to choose from. They type of finish you use for your door hardware really sets the tone for the home as a whole. In an older home you may want to use an antique brass finish or crystal knobs, while bright chrome might be a great addition for a more modern residence.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match! You can choose a main finish for your home and then have different finishes in certain spaces.

Shown: This Schlage Bowery knob, in matte black, looks great on the glass door leading to this home office.

3. Function

Hall & Closet: This type of hardware is for doors that do not need to be locked.

Bed & Bath: This is for spaces where you may want locking for privacy, but only for peace of mind, and don’t need it to be keyed.

Non-Turning: Inactive knobs that do not turn are typically used on double doors and decorative doors where magnetic closing mechanisms are installed for push/pull function.

Keyed Entry: These are for higher security spaces such as exterior doors. We have also seen clients install these on office doors and other rooms where extra protection is needed.

Exterior door hardware finishes and styles, gold tones, silver tones, dark tones

4. Door Hinges

If you are replacing doorknobs in an existing home, don’t forget the door hinges! This is a small detail, but you may want to consider swapping them out to match your new hardware.

5. Exterior Hardware

In addition to a keyed entry, many homeowners also choose to install a matching deadbolt on their exterior doors. If you are looking for something a little different then you may want to consider utilizing a statement piece like a handleset. 

Keypad access is also becoming increasingly popular on main and secondary entrances because of the added convenience and peace of mind knowing your door will always lock after leaving or entering your home.

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