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6 Neutral Benjamin Moore paint colors for the whole house from Renovation Rekindle Season 3 Episode 3, Chic Meets Comfort where we build a new construction with warm, cozy, and bright neutrals and lots of natural lighting.

6 Neutral Benjamin Moore Paint Colors from Project “Chic Meets Comfort”

Selecting the right paint colors for your entire home can be a transformative experience, turning each room into a unique but interconnected space that speaks to your personal style. Today, we’ll walk through a curated selection of soft green and neutral Benjamin Moore paint colors from this new construction built in Renovation Rekindle’s Season 3 Episode 3, Project “Chic Meets Comfort.” 

A tidy and welcoming mudroom featuring a wooden bench with beige cushions, nestled between white storage cabinets. Above the bench, a shelf with brass hooks holds a woven bag and a scarf, while a wicker basket sits atop the cabinet, adding a touch of rustic charm. A pair of boots are neatly placed under the bench. The walls are painted in a soft, light grey, and the herringbone-patterned floor adds a classic touch. A warm pendant light hangs from the ceiling, illuminating the space with a cozy glow. Through the open glass-paneled door on the left, a glimpse into another room with similar interior colors can be seen, providing a sense of continuity throughout the home. Benjamin Moore cumulous cloud 1550

Cumulus Cloud 1550: A versatile gray that bridges the gap between soft and striking. This shade serves as a sophisticated backdrop for both relaxing and vibrant room settings. It pairs beautifully with metallic accents and rich wood finishes, enhancing a space with a refined touch.

Shown Above:  Mudroom Cabinets

A bright and inviting living room bathed in natural light from large windows, showcasing a crisp white interior with subtle gray accents. Two plush sofas are arranged facing each other, one draped with a cozy knitted blanket, over a light patterned area rug. A solid square coffee table sits between them. An elegant fireplace with a textured surround and white mantelpiece commands attention, adorned with minimal decor and a round mirror above it. White built-in shelving units elegantly display curated decorative items and books. A floor lamp with a white shade provides additional light, complementing the room's serene ambiance. The coffered ceiling with recessed lighting adds depth to the room, enhancing its spacious and luxurious feel. Benjamin Moore Seapearl Oc-19

Seapearl OC-19: An off-white with a subtle warmth, making it an ideal candidate for spaces that aim to be cozy yet bright. This hue amplifies natural light, making spaces appear larger and more inviting. It works well with soft pastels and vibrant colors alike, providing flexibility in décor choices.

Shown Above: Living Room Walls

A modern home office with a minimalist design. The room features a dark olive green wainscoting on one wall, creating a sophisticated backdrop. On the right, there's a built-in shelf painted in the same hue, with neatly arranged books and decorative items. The other wall is painted in a light cream color, complementing the dark tones. In the center, a stylish wood and metal desk holds an open book, a white ceramic vase with fresh greenery, and a pair of reading glasses, suggesting a quiet place for reading or work. A comfortable, light gray upholstered chair with a metal base is positioned at the desk, and a woven basket sits nearby on the floor. The natural light from an unseen window softly illuminates the space, highlighting the warm hardwood flooring and the textured gray area rug under the desk area. Benjamin Moore Aegean Olive 1491

Aegean Olive 1491: A deep, rich green that brings the essence of nature indoors, perfect for creating a focal point or accentuating a room with organic vibes. It complements natural materials like wood and leather, and pairs well with earth tones.

Shown Above: Home Office

A spacious and airy bedroom featuring a vaulted ceiling with a central drum pendant light. Natural light streams in through windows set in a dark green wainscoted wall. The room is furnished with a large bed covered in white linens and accented with a teal throw blanket, with a tufted leather bench at its foot. To the left, a cozy nook with a wooden chair and a side table offers a place for relaxation. On the right, a dark wood console table hosts a decorative vase with greenery, contributing to the room's natural and calm ambiance. The light hardwood floor is partially covered by a textured area rug, and double doors open to an adjoining room, providing a glimpse into the home's continuity and design. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27

Balboa Mist OC-27: A light gray with warm undertones that offers a clean, minimalist feel, suitable for modern homes. It helps maintain a light and airy feel while offering enough warmth to make the space feel welcoming.

Shown Above: Primary Bedroom Walls and Ceiling

An airy kitchen space with abundant daylight cascading through large windows onto the light hardwood floors. The kitchen boasts a mix of white and natural wood cabinetry, providing a harmonious blend of modern and rustic elements. A central island with a white marble countertop offers additional workspace and storage, complete with a built-in sink and gold faucet. Two large gold pendant lights hang above the island, contributing to the kitchen's elegant aesthetic. White subway tiles create a clean backsplash behind the countertops, complementing the stainless steel appliances, including a prominent double-door refrigerator. Artistic wall pieces adorn the walls, adding a touch of color to the otherwise neutral palette, and the coffered ceiling with recessed lights ensures a well-lit environment. Benjamin Moore cascade mountains 862

Cascade Mountains 862:  A serene calming hue that embodies the natural gray tranquility of mountain landscapes. It’s a versatile, timeless shade that offers a perfect canvas to complement any style.

Shown Above:  Kitchen Walls

A spacious and serene bedroom with a wall of dark green wainscoting providing a dramatic backdrop to an elegant white bed adorned with plush pillows and a green throw. Two large windows allow natural light to stream in, highlighting the light hardwood floors and a large area rug. A tufted leather bench sits at the foot of the bed, and a cozy reading nook is created with two armchairs and a small side table near the window. The room features two stylish drum pendant lights, and on the far side, a thriving potted plant adds a touch of nature to the interior. This bedroom exudes a relaxed, luxurious atmosphere. Ashwood Moss 1484

Ashwood Moss 1484: A muted green with gray undertones that works well in spaces that require a touch of serenity and grounding. This color pairs beautifully with soft brass and other neutral tones.

Shown Above: Primary Bedroom Accent Wall

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