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Factory Tour in Montreal Canada

A Factory Tour in Montreal

We are working on a lot of exciting things at Kadilak Homes this year, and one of our biggest endeavors is sourcing local products that can help us make our clients homes more beautiful! With that goal in mind, we were thrilled to be able to go on a hardwood flooring factory tour right outside Montreal to see firsthand “how it’s made”.

The drive was only 4 and a half hours from us, but that short distance made a huge difference in the temperature. I remember visiting Montreal in January once as a kid to visit my cousins and thinking that I would NEVER do that again!

The Hotel

The hotel had a huge heated outdoor swimming pool.  I was not brave enough to go in (there’s me below with several layers on!), but it was entertaining to watch people get out of the pool and sprint across the snow to get back inside!

Outdoor winter swimming, Montreal outdoor pool, Montreal hotel, cananda

The Factory Tour

It was amazing to get a behind-the-scenes look at how flooring is made from start-to-finish. We were able to see how the raw wood comes in, check out the kilns, watch the wood get cut into flooring, sorted, and then finished.

Montreal factory tour, how it’s made, hardwood flooring
Factory tour

Our hosts were absolutely amazing! And, as an added surprise, George Oliphant from NBC’s George to the Rescue was also on the tour.  

George to the rescue, George Oliphant, factory tour, revel woods, hardwood floors

For dinner we headed to DaVinci’s Italian Restaurant in downtown Montreal, and the food was amazing.  The creme brûlée was so good!  

Crème brûlée, cannoli, Italian restaurant montreal

After dinner we caught a Canadiens game at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Go Habs!

Kadilak Homes, Belle center, Montreal, Canadian hockey

This factory tour in Montreal was such a great experience, and we can’t wait to start incorporating some new beautiful hardwood flooring into our upcoming projects!

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