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Bathroom and Basement Reveal

Bathroom + Laundry Room Reveal

This bathroom + laundry room combo renovation was part of our S2 E6: Same Space, Different Place project. Sometimes there is more to a project than what we can fit into a half hour episode, and this room didn’t make the final cut, so we are thrilled to be able to share it with you now!

BEFORE:  The space was a bit dull and outdated with limited storage and a cramped layout. There was a large closet that made this a tight space to do laundry in. The sink and shower plumbing also wasn’t working properly, so this bathroom was not used much.

BASEMENT BATHROOM with laundry before

AFTER:  We wanted to replace the large closet with a practical, but stylish, working space while incorporating storage solutions.  In the end we decided to include a countertop for folding laundry, a built-in trash cabinet, an extra storage cabinet, and an alcove to tuck the laundry baskets out of the way.  This set up functions much better for day-to-day laundry room organization.

List of Laundry Room Design Must-Haves

We also opened up the full wall that separated the laundry area from the rest of the bathroom. This allowed us to take advantage of the natural light from the window that was hiding behind the wall. We also replaced the suspended ceilings with plastered ceilings and tiled the shower, complete with a built-in wall niche.

Laundry room bathroom combo with tiled shower, neutral bathroom tile, boho bathroom ideas

We relocated the sink to one side to make better use of the counter space.  The oak shelf on the half wall and window sill add a beautiful detail to this space.

Hiding plumbing in basement bathroom, storage ideas, bathroom shelf ideas

Check out the upstairs renovation in this full episode:

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