S1 Episode 6 - New Home For A New Generation Part 1

S1 Episode 6: New Home For A New Generation Part 1


Building a home with custom details in hopes that someone will come along and fall in love with it is always a challenge!  I always want each house to feel unique and have its own personality and for this project, I wanted it to feel classic and elegant while also incorporating vintage details that would bring character and warmth that you don’t typically find in a brand-new home.  Some of my favorite things about this home are the custom doors, handmade tile, and kitchen island sink.







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2 Responses

  1. You are probably asked this question often…In watching your show[Renovation Rekindle]I notice that you don’t mention the customers budget, or the final cost or timeline of the project. Is this to prevent sticker shock ? Even when you run into surprises, you don’t mention the added cost?

    1. Hi Ricardo! The reason we do not mention budgets is for privacy reasons when it comes to our clients. Finances are a personal thing and we do not feel comfortable sharing that information publicly or on TV. The final costs and surprise costs also go into the finance category that we do not disclose, not because of sticker shock, it just is something that is between us and the clients. The timelines of the projects vary depending on materials, back orders, etc. If we mentioned a timeline, it would not be accurate for every project because each renovation is unique in terms of scope, lead times, and also depends on what the clients may add on to the project that was not initially part of the original rough time frame. Hope this helps!

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