3 Before and After Fireplace Makeover Ideas

3 Before and After Fireplace Makeover Ideas by Kadilak Homes

There are endless ways you can re-design your fireplace to fit your current design aesthetic and make it one of the most welcoming areas in your home! You can do small cosmetic changes or go all in for a major makeover.  Read on to check out 3 different design ideas from a full makeover to a quick and easy refresh!

PROJECT #1 – Modern Farmhouse ($$$)

BEFORE:  The original fireplace featured classic red brick and an old school slate hearth.  At some point (probably in the 90’s) someone tried to spruce it up with fluted trim.  The homeowner had already had a pellet insert installed and was ready for a new look.

THE DESIGN:  The homeowner wanted the new fireplace to look modern, but also wanted to incorporate reclaimed wood.  It took me some time to come up with something that would mix the 2 styles cohesively. I could see how beautiful it looked in my head and I had to relay my vision to my client.  Unfortunately, when I put it on paper, it came out like this:

Modern Farmhouse Design

(Yes, I really sent that to her… I can only imagine her face when she got this!  Somehow she trusted it would look good and gave me the go ahead to do it anyway!  She must have noticed that I went all out and stole my kids colored pencils to add detail.)

AFTER:  We removed the old mantel and trim, then coated all of the brick with a smooth fire rated  plaster coating.  We installed the reclaimed wood mantel with heavy duty brackets and trimmed out the surround area.  We also installed a ¾” piece of gray quartz over the hearth.  To finish it off we applied a textured coating for a stucco-like finish on the surround and at the base of the hearth.


$$$ – Total project cost: approximately $4,200

PROJECT #2 – Classic With A Twist ($$)

BEFORE: The original fireplace left something to be desired with the drab brown tile and mantel that didn’t quite fit right.

3 Before and After Fireplace Makeover Ideas by Kadilak Homes

THE DESIGN:  I wanted something that would add height, dimension, and a little color. Another issue was resizing the mantel properly to be in proportion with the new surround shape and the short wall to the right. The new design, with the trim going to the ceiling, gives it some height with a classic feel while the shaker style boxes exude a modern vibe.  It’s a good thing our guys are fluent in reading the language of Chicken Scratch.

AFTER:  Traditional subway tile makes a statement with a pop of color and the contrasting stone on the hearth truly makes this update a beautiful new focal point for the space.

$$ – Total project cost: approximately $3,200

PROJECT #3 – Timeless Pick Me Up ($)

BEFORE:  It was clear this fireplace had not been touched since it was originally installed in 1953.  We wanted to spruce it up, but didn’t want to go crazy with the budget.

Before- HELLO 1953!

THE DESIGN:  We decided to take off the face trim and add some crown molding under the existing mantel for depth.  We also added a shadow box and legs on each side of the mantel. Keeping the original mantel of the fireplace with the surround, and building on top of what was already there, really turned out to be an inexpensive way to modernize this dated look.

Trim is installed!














AFTER:  Small changes like finishing off the trim, a fresh coat of paint, and a new tile hearth really went a long way in changing the look of this fireplace.  The original brick provides contrast and stays true to the timeless look we were going for!

11-living-room$ – Total project cost $1000 or less

All of these projects truly exceeded our expectations and brought such joy to our clients! No matter your budget, there are many creative options to improve the look of this dated space.

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