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Blog on the names of 10 Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams neutral green paint colors that we've used in many home renovations and new construction. These range from very light and bright greens that are just off-white, all the way to dark hunter greens.

10 Neutral Green Paint Colors

Green has always been a neutral color, but it’s recently been gaining heavy popularity in interior design as warmer neutrals have made a rise and the two complement each other perfectly! From shades of deep hunter green to light sage greens; it’s a very refreshing, cozy, and neutral color. 

We’ve complied 10 of the best green paint colors that we’ve used in past projects. Green is one of our go-to paint colors because of it’s versatility and the fact that it goes with any neutral. Some of our favorite design combinations are light green and white, emerald green and black, and sage green with natural wood. 

Image shows the paint color "Misted Green" by Benjamin Moore as a very light, subtle green that really brightens the room. It's a soft neutral green that would really go with anything.

Misted Green is a light sage color that will brighten any room. We used this for the primary bedroom walls in our “Nature-Inspired Home Tour” project. This soft, bright green would be a great bathroom paint color as well.

Photo shows the paint color, Sherwin Williams Escape Gray SW 6185 on the cabinets in a walk-in kitchen pantry. This is a light sage green mixed with gray with some cool blue undertones. We paired this color with white quartz countertops and light gray marbled subway tile.

Escape Gray, while named a gray, is a light green with cool blue and gray undertones especially visible in natural light (as shown above). This photo is of the kitchen pantry in the “New Home for a New Generation” project from Season 1 Episode 6 of Renovation Rekindle. This is the perfect paint color if you’re not ready to commit to a true green, and you’re looking for a shade that’s very subtle.

Side note – if this is your first time hearing of Renovation Rekindle; you can watch 2 seasons of full episodes on our YouTube channel showing projects from start to finish.

This paint color, Sherwin Williams "Svelte Sage" is shown on the kitchen island cabinets in this farmhouse style home with dark and earthy accents, and white trim and cabinets. This paint color is light and brightens up the room, but does have some subtle yellow and brown undertones that make it feel very natural.

Svelte Sage is a much warmer green paint color. Sherwin Williams describes this as a nature-inspired green with gray undertones. We chose this for the kitchen island color to accent an otherwise all-white kitchen from Season 1 Episode 4 of Renovation Rekindle, the “Farmhouse Legacy Project“.

This paint color, Benjamin Moore Sea Glass CSP-735, is shown in a large family room on the fireplace wall, accened by horizontal white shiplap. It's a medium shade, with cooler gray. undertones.

Sea Glass is a beautiful light green with cool gray undertones. Above, from the “Ranch Style Dream House” project, we designed this two-toned shiplap fireplace wall using the green with a cream/off-white paint color. This design mix would also be beautiful in a bathroom.

Carolina Gull is the green paint color we chose to accent throughout the first floor of the “Nature-Inspired Home” project. Benjamin Moore describes this as “a rich, versatile mid-tone that exhibits appealing notes of gray and warm green.”

Shown above, a cozy sitting room off of the foyer with a color drenched accent wall using a chevron board and batten design.

This dark green and gray. paint color brings lots of warmth to the built-in cabinets we built outside of our clients' scullery. Described as "a hint of gray brings a polished finish to this dark moss green."

Galápagos Green is a very dark mossy color with a hint of gray. This photo was taken at our “Kitchen Makeover” project, showing the custom built-in cabinets abutting the entryway to our clients’ scullery. The lighting was poor this day, so the color appears much more gray than green. However, it’s definitely more saturated in real life.

Billiard Green is a part of the Sherwin Williams Historic Collection, being a very classic and timeless shade that it is. This medium-toned cool green has very tasteful and modern feel.

We chose this color for the pantry cabinets in the kitchen of Renovation Rekindle’s Season 1 Episode 8, “Rebuilding an Abandoned Home.” This is a very cozy and sophisticated color that would work well in a formal living room, or even a home office.

This bright green paint color is bright and vibrant, but it's still an earthy shade that would match with other natural colors. Its' described as "A rich, dark emerald that mirrors the beguiling beauty of the Amazon rainforest."

Brazilian Rainforest feels just like it’s name. A medium-toned green with cyan undertones that adds a pop of bold color. Benjamin Moore describes this as, “a rich, dark emerald that mirrors the beguiling beauty of the Amazon Rainforest.” 

We painted the pantry cabinets in the “‘No More Purple‘” home renovation project with this bold color to contrast the bright white walls and backsplash. It also paired well with the stained oak countertops and shelving.

Shown above in a project we have not yet revealed, Dakota Shadow is a rich, dark, and true green. Our clients’ dedicated this room solely to their pool table and wanted a color that would pair well. Deep and earthy greens always look good against dark wood, so we chose a similar color to the pool table felt.

This deep emerald green paint color is Sherwin Williams Roycroft Bottle Green SW 2847. Shown is this color on the lower kitchen cabinets which adds a huge contrast to the white upper cabinets and white stone countertops.

Roycroft Bottle Green is another rich, classic green. Very similar to Dakota Shadow with more of a gray undertone. Being such a bold color, it would be best used in larger rooms or rooms with a lot of natural light.

We chose this green for the lower cabinets in the “80’s Kitchen Transplant” project (as shown above). To contrast, we chose a bright white paint color for the upper cabinets with a white counter-to-ceiling backsplash tile. We weren’t worried about a lack of natural lighting in this project, as we installed a skylight above the kitchen island.

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