60’s Master Bathroom Remodel

60’s Master Bathroom Remodel

We just love it when we get to do multiple projects for amazing clients! A few years ago we renovated this family’s entire first floor (you can check out that blog here), so when they called us back to update their master bathroom we couldn’t wait to get started! I love a good challenge and the biggest issue with this bathroom, besides the blue 1960’s tile, was that it was very small and we were sticking with the original footprint.


Location:  Reading, MA

Type of Home: Multi-Level Home Built In 1964

Master Bathroom Renovation:  Completed In 2021

Square Footage: 2,545 Square Feet

Fun Fact: These clients found us through our Instagram page!  Check it out here.

BEFORE: The old master bathroom was rocking a 60’s baby blue tile that the owners were ready to get rid of! There wasn’t a way to increase the footprint, so we looked at little changes like eliminating the radiator, widening the shower opening, and doing built-in storage to maximize the space we had.  

BEFORE: The baby blue tiles carried right into the shower!

DURING CONSTRUCTION:  We widened the shower door and eliminated the header to make the space more open. We also took advantage of some available wall space by adding built-in storage in the shower and on the main wall.

To address the heat issue, we added a high output heated floor and a heat fan for those cold winter days.

AFTER:  The newly updated bathroom is open, brighter, and has the perfect relaxing feel we were going for. The white backdrop provides a clean crisp contrast against the warm wood vanity and black hardware. I’m so glad we were able to get more storage in the shower AND a recessed medicine cabinet/mirror combo.

60s Master Bathroom Remodel by Kadilak Homes

Over the toilet: There was a *sliver* of space left in the wall next to the main plumbing stack and I didn’t want to let it to go to waste, so we created a little recessed storage cabinet in the wall. Want to see inside this cabinet? Check out our project video at the end of this blog!

The master shower features classic white 3×6 textured subway tile with a light gray grout next to a contrasting gray hexagon tile on the floor. The niche is tiled in a herringbone pattern and the color matches the shower floor tile. For storage we added 2 corner glass shelves plus a very functional built-in footrest.

The black plumbing fixtures and lighting add a modern touch to this master bathroom.

This master bathroom was such a fun project and we are so happy that our clients get to enjoy this newly updated space! P.S: You can pin ALL of these images, and the design guide below to Pinterest; toggle your mouse over the top left corner of the image to see the red and white ‘P’ pop up and then simply click on it!

Want to see a video walk through of this project? Check it out BELOW!


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10 Responses

  1. If I were to remodel my bathroom, I would make sure to hire a plumber that may replace its sink. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of opting for a minimalist design. I also agree with you that it will be a great idea to have a new tub installed too.

  2. Bright white tile really does make a bathroom look much more luxurious, and I’d want that for my own space for sure. That could really allow us to feel a lot more satisfied with the outcome and spend a lot more time there, treating it like a luxurious home spa. I’ll work on that for sure when I find a bathroom remodeling expert in the area so we can enjoy the same things you do.

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