Remodeling Kitchen Essentials

Remodeling Kitchen Essentials

While sharing our remodeling stories, we typically discuss the finishes like paint, tile, lighting, and the island design details. But there is a lot more that goes into remodeling a kitchen that makes the space truly the heart of the home. What really brings the whole family together?  Cooking! The ranges, ovens, and stoves are the backbones that help create the delicious foods that fuel all your holidays and get togethers. We are passionate about propane, so it felt natural to partner with the Propane Education & Research Council for this blog. Propane is versatile and a clean reliable energy source that is not only great for the kitchen, but also your entire home!

Most people are unaware that they can use propane in their kitchen. When it came to the below kitchen renovation, I replaced all of the previous electric equipment to convert the space into an all-gas cooking kitchen. I wanted the homeowners to always have a reliable, high-performance kitchen with precise temperature control while cooking. A bonus is the instant-on and off feature on the stove, which helps create peace of mind knowing that everyone will remain safe while cooking in the kitchen.

For this modern farmhouse kitchen remodel, I wanted the overall design to be simple but impactful! White cabinets, gray subway tile with white grout, and a dark stained island countertop with matching floating shelves added contrast and depth to the space. To complete the design, I chose to use brushed nickel hardware and lighting fixtures to match with the appliances, including the beautiful gas range. It’s a gorgeous place where a family can be #TogetherWithPropane. #ad

Our clients purchased a 1900’s home knowing it was going to be a fixer upper! They were tight on budget and I wanted to make sure I could help them save money in the long run. I knew by switching to gas their energy use would be an estimate of $80-$120 a year, depending on how much they cooked. These home chefs were thrilled to not only save money, but to realize their dream of having an all white kitchen where they can be #TogetherWithPropane. #ad

This remodel is a nod to the classic white kitchen with a fixer upper inspired twist!  White cabinets and subway tile create a timeless look while adding pops of black, brushed gold, and a dusty blue color to bring some personality to the space.  I wanted the range to be the focal point of the design and incorporating a blue arabesque tile was the perfect way to highlight this area for these home cooks. It’s a space where any family can be #TogetherWithPropane. #ad

Learn how propane can fuel your kitchen, check out the website and social media links below! #ad

Instagram: @Propane_council
Facebook: @CleanAmericanEnergy
Twitter: @PropaneCouncil

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7 Responses

  1. Very Informative post. Thanks for sharing this. Those designs were unique, combining several design trends is not a bad idea. I like it. General contractors like me can learn a lot and do much better by implementing the things that you have described in your article.

  2. Question
    Would white cabinets go with a tan [light to med] tile floor with a GREEN undertone?
    Suggestions comments opinions

    1. Hi Judy! Yes, white cabinets would go with the light to medium flooring 🙂 The green undertones will help bring some color into the space as well!

  3. My sister would like to have her home’s kitchen remodeled since it looks a bit outdated. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of having new storage installed in it. I also agree with you that a countertop will be an excellent addition too.

  4. Thanks for pointing out that white cabinets create a timeless look in our kitchen. My husband and I want to improve our kitchen before the holiday season. With this, we are hoping to find experts on Monday who can replace our cabinets and floors within two weeks.

  5. I want to make sure that I take good care of my kitchen, but I’m not sure how to put it together. It makes sense that I would want to remodel it with some new appliances. That seems like a good way to ensure that I put some things together.

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