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Fixing Up Your Fireplace For The Fall

Fixing Up Your Fireplace For The Fall

There is nothing better than a warm night by the fireplace when it starts getting into the colder months in New England! As the seasons change, you are either using it everyday or it’s collecting dust during the dog days of summer. The warm months are the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and start making over your living room so once fall hits, you have a Pinterest worthy space with a gorgeous fireplace as the focal point. While you are in the thick of finding inspiration for the new look, you should also consider switching over to propane.

There are endless ways in which converting over is so simple and easy, which is why we’re so pro-propane! Because of our love for propane, it felt like an amazing fit to partner with the Propane Education & Research Council for this blog. Below, we will be discussing 6 fireplaces, either new builds or remodels, that will help inspire you to take the leap and convert to propane not only for its amazing performance, but also for its cost efficiency when warming the whole home. 

This particular living room, even though it is a newly built home, is the perfect example for anyone looking to do a smaller refresh. A lot of the time you can find vintage mantels at flea markets, which would be a great way to get a traditional fireplace look. Adding a tile surround and reclaimed wood finish off this design. One of the main reasons we use propane as the source of heat in our new builds is the Energy Efficiency and the Energy Consumption Costs. A newly built home is typically larger, which means the price of heating a whole home goes up. We knew that anyone buying this home would appreciate being able to warm their whole living room space with just the fireplace if they wanted.

Our client’s original floor plan included a family room and a living room that shared a wall with a double wood-burning fireplace. We knocked down that wall to create an open floor plan and designed a new fireplace that doubles as a feature wall and has extra storage. This design is perfect for anyone that is into the farmhouse designs that include shiplap. Using propane to fuel this home was essential! With the family room and kitchen now combined this fireplace needed to be able to warm both spaces for the cooler mornings, when their kids ate breakfast at the island and watched TV before heading off to school. Their fireplace is now working at over 90% Fireplace Efficiency [FE] compared to the old double wood-burning fireplace that functioned at around 15%.

These clients were in need of more space and wanted a large family room, which could not fit into their existing footprint. In order to make that dream come true, we had to add an addition off the back of the home. Creating a neutral fireplace design is an amazing idea for someone who likes to change their décor. There is something so cozy about layering décor on top of a mantel, the variation of wood tones remind me of how the trees start to change from bold, green, and full of leaves to bare branches with lots of texture from the bark. To warm this new section of the home through the frigid months to come, we decided to switch over to propane! Our clients were thrilled when we showed them how the fireplace can be controlled by a remote, so they can keep the consistent heat flow throughout the space and into the main area of the home.

This remodeled fireplace is an amazing inspiration for the home DIYer that is bold enough to take on an accent wall! Paneling, a dark paint color, stone, and a reclaimed wood mantel are the ingredients to create a stunning fireplace wall that looks just like this. Our clients were on a tight budget and we promised them there would be great savings after converting to propane to fuel their home. Now they spend about $50-$250 a year to have this fireplace heat not only just their living room, but the rest of the open concept first floor too!

Another example of a feature wall with shiplap is this stunning tall fireplace that emphasizes the height of the room. Believe it or not, this space used to be a barn and these beautiful high ceilings were hidden by an office style panel ceiling! The best part about having a fireplace run on propane is that it has 5 to 6 times the heating capacity compared to electric fireplaces. This all meant that we could go full ceiling height while renovating this space without losing any heat during the colder months. When it comes to the design of the fireplace, to add color without going too crazy, you can add a penny round tile that brings just enough pop of color to bring the design and room together.

Looking for an all white fireplace design with a traditional look? Well this fireplace is definitely what you’ve been looking for, and it includes flanking green accent walls! This fireplace wall is a great almost blank canvas which is a serious bonus for someone who doesn’t want to do a full remodel more than once. You can switch up the color on the accent walls to be on trend, but never have to redo the fireplace design (unless you want to, of course!). Propane was a no-brainer with this home because of all the benefits that come with converting, and the reliability is essential to warming a home in New England.

Fixing Up Your Fireplace For The Fall by Kadilak Homes

To learn more on how propane can heat your home through your fireplace, check out the website and social media links below! #togetherwithpropane #ad

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that propane would be a no-brainer for the house because it has benefits that come with converting and keeping the house warm. With that in mind, I will make sure that I will look for a propane gas delivery service that I can trust to ensure that the quality of the fuel will be safe for our home while we enjoy the benefits. We would need enough supply now that we moved into the new house and the winter season is almost coming.

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