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Mudroom Design with Custom Made Panels

A special thanks to Yeti SmartTool for sponsoring this project!

Every time I ask for a complicated design I get the same response: “This would be much easier if we had a CNC machine!”.  Most CNC machines require a decent amount of floor space and some serious software knowledge to get off the ground running, and we just didn’t have the space or time for that.  So, when we came across the Yeti SmartBench tool the guys were very excited because it’s portable, it’s capable of cutting 4×8 sheets, and it’s easy to use with the intuitive touch screen and apps that allow you to design whatever you need to cut.  The fact that it can be broken down and put aside when not in use (and even brought to job sites) was huge plus.

The cost (under $10k for the machine we got from Digital Wood Carver) more than pays for itself when we consider all of the time and labor we normally put into custom building panels like this for mudrooms, light boxes, and other millwork.

When we got the machine Paul and I were in the middle of a new home build and thought it would be a perfect place to do our first project with it.  I found an arabesque pattern that I wanted for the mudroom bench panels. The first step was getting that pattern design into a file that is compatible with the SmartBench software (we used VCarve Pro).

Yeti SmartBench CNC Machine

There’s Luna getting the file ready!

Once it was all uploaded and ready (after some training from the folks at Digital Wood Carver) and we had our panel set the machine went to work!  The design came out exactly how I envisioned and we made 4 identical panels.

Yeti SmartBench CNC custom millwork panels with arabesque pattern

Once the panels were ready with the new design we painted them, prior to installation.  We used Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers AC-28.

Yeti SmartBench panels painted with Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers

The Final Product:  I love how the panels add texture and detail to this mudroom bench and I especially love how easy it was to make them.  We have been using the Yeti SmartBench on all of our projects and I cannot wait to share what else we can do with it! 

Yeti SmartBench CNC Machine panels on mudroom bench; paint color Smoke Embers by Benjamin Moore AC-28

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