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This blog post is dedicated to uncommon organization and storage ideas for small spaces in your home.

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

We all need storage and organization in our lives for all of our things, but it can be tough to find when you’re working with a small space! Below I’m sharing 4 small space organization and storage ideas that are not only practical, but also pretty!

Small kitchen storage and organization idea of hanging pans on the wall with a wood background

1.) Wall Storage & Decor

If you’re limited on storage space, you should consider transforming a wall into a dual-purpose area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In the photo above, we installed wood planking with small metal bars and S-hooks for pan storage inside the wall of the kitchen pantry. Alternately, you could use a bold paint color, wallpaper, or just some fun hardware to make this idea come to life. 

In the photo below, we mixed in some hanging artwork for a true combination of storage and decor, featured in Renovation Rekindle S2E4 “All or Nothing” project.

Small space kitchen and dining room wall with storage organization for pans and artwork

2. Add open shelving

Open shelving is an easy way to get some extra storage, and it can be out in the open or in a space that’s hidden away. Adding multiple rows of shelving or double hanging bars to closets can instantly increase your storage space.

In the photo below: we added a couple of open shelves in this small space from our S2E4 Project “Same Space, Different Place”.

Open shelving kitchen storage

3.) Hidden Cabinet Storage

Sometimes, when we’re working in a small space, we look for “nooks and crannies” to get in as much additional storage as possible. In the bathroom below, from our 60’s Master Bathroom Remodel project, we took advantage of a void in the wall above the toilet to install an extra hidden cabinet.

Hidden cabinet storage, using every nook and cranny, small bathroom storage and organization ideas

4.) Add a Towel Nook

As shown in our Modern Bathroom Makeover project:

Vertical wall storage, towel nook, instantly doubles storage space

Adding a storage nook and taking advantage of vertical wall space instantly increases your storage space. In the bathroom above, using hooks doubles the number of towels you can store on this wall versus a traditional towel bar. This idea can also be applied to a hallway or bedroom wall for as a coat rack, backpack storage, bags, & more.

Small space storage and organization ideas for small kitchens, small bathrooms, and small spaces in your home. These include: using a wall for dual-purpose storage and decor, install extra shelving, add hidden cabinets, and use hooks for vertical storage.

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