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Blog on how we made a custom laundry room door with a wood engraved sign that resembles a vintage laundromat sign. We designed and carved this design using a CNC machine by the company YetiTool. The door is all-white, so it's very neutral and would match any interior style, but the engravings gave it some character and uniqueness.

We love to include fun details in every project and recently Paul has been making lots of custom millwork with his Yeti SmartBench, like these mudroom panels. 

This project is featured in our Nature Inspired New Home Tour, and we decided to customize a laundry room door design that would be both fun and neutral.

We installed recessed shaker style 2-panel doors in this home, so they were perfectly set up to receive the thin MDF panels we used for this customization.

We spent some time tossing around different laundry sign ideas, and we eventually settled on the final design below. We took inspiration from vintage laundromat signs, and came up with this cute graphic! 

Paul uploaded it into the software, and got to work engraving it onto the wood panel.

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Once it was finished, Paul cut it down to size and it was installed into the upper recessed door panel and painted to match the trim color.  We also filled the panel below with a flat mdf panel so that the depths would match on the face of the door.

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I love how this subtle detail adds a little bit of personality without being overwhelming.

We’ve never seen a custom laundry room door like this before, so this was a unique and exciting project we got to do with our SmartBench!

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