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Benjamin Moore’s Most Popular Gray, Beige, & White Paint Colors!

Benjamin Moore’s Most Popular Gray, Beige, & White Paint Colors!


TheBestGrayBeigeAndWhitePaintColors_BenjaminMoore_Kadilak Homes

Benjamin Moore is one of our tried and true paint brands that has endless creative color selections to choose from! However, in any renovation, I always need some sort of neutral color, to either create contrast or bring balance to the overall designs. The best go-to colors are Gray’s, Beige’s, and White’s, because there are so many shades with different undertones you are bound to find the perfect shade to compliment any bold color.

If looking at paint colors online or in the fan decks is too overwhelming for you, we get it! There are thousands of colors and it often feels like you keep looking at the same color over and over again… just with a different name. If you are just starting out with a remodel or DIY project, the best reference site to look at is popular paint colors from Benjamin Moore. Their website is very informative and features all of their colors, but it can still be terribly overwhelming. I wanted to take the guess work out and save you the time of combing through color after color, so I decided to talk about the top 18 Most Popular Gray, Beige, and White Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore!

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The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Balboa Mist has beige undertones and could also be considered a mid-tone greige paint color. A perfect neutral color that brightens up a room and has more of a traditional feel without looking dated or overwhelming yellow, like most beiges tend to look like. This color pairs well with rich mahogany flooring and crisp white trim.

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore by Kadilak Homes

CALM | OC-22
Calm is a beautiful warm off-white paint color that has slight brown undertones. This could also lean into the griege paint category, depending on the space that you use this in and how much overall light the room gets!

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore by Kadilak Homes

Chantilly Lace definitely has to be one of the most well-known Benjamin Moore paint colors for designers and homeowners alike. Its clean and simple look is what makes this color so versatile. Don’t let the slight gray and blue undertones fool you, it is still one of the truest white paint colors out there!


Classic Gray is a soft light gray with subtle green and purple undertones. This paint color is great for a space where stark white paint just doesn’t look right. It is light enough where it can read as white, while still giving the wall color some contrast between any painted baseboard and crown molding.

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Cloud White is the perfect warm white paint with slight yellow and gray undertones. It is a subtle yet sophisticated color that can work with any style of home or decor! This paint color pairs well with other soft colors and can add some brightness to an overall home color pallet.


Collingwood is a truly stunning yet balanced light to mid-toned greige paint color. This transitional mix of warm and cool undertones (more warm than cool) is the perfect paint color for an open floor plan design!

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Coventry Grayis a cool medium gray paint color that is very versatile because of its depth in color. It is not your typical flat gray and it can enhance contrast in a space that has white marble or with black lighting or furniture. Even though this mid-toned gray can seem slightly dark it still creates an overall fresh and clean look.

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Edgecomb Gray is a timeless warm cream color that can be consider more of a true greige paint. Looking slightly more gray in some lighting, and more beige in others, its creaminess adds warmth and softness to any space, particularly in an open floor plan that is next to rooms with darker colors. Check out how we used this paint color in our ‘1920’s Classic Americana Transformation’ blog!

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Gray Owl has been one of Benjamin Moore’s bestselling paint colors for the past few years, and we can definitely see why! This warm light gray paint color has a great balance of warm and cool undertones, which makes it such a versatile and dependable color. 

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Manchester Tan seems to get a bad reputation because it has the word ‘tan’ in it, which people immediately tend to think means ‘outdated’! This paint color however is a sophisticated beige with a hint of green/yellow and gray undertones. This color may not be the best for any modern home renovations, but it can be used in a home that has more of a classic or historic feel.

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

PALE OAK |OC-20                                                                                                                                  Pale Oak has quickly become a popular neutral! This paint color is a warm light greige that leans on the warmer side, compared to the traditional other greige paint colors. This color would look amazing in any space that gets a lot of natural light, but just remember in sunlight colors can change which means this color could start to look more like a warm off-white compared to a gray/beige.

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Revere Pewter is considered a light gray with warm undertones, but it is more of a true beige that has some sneaky yellow and green attributes. This paint color is truly a classic and is a great transitional color that is perfect for an open floor plan!

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Simply White is a tried and true favorite that nearly everyone knows is an amazing paint color! It’s clean, bright, sharp look pairs amazingly with hardwood flooring or wood furniture because of the contrast. Even though this may appear to have hints of yellow in it, it does actually look white when finished on a wall.

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Stonington Gray has some blue undertones, and next to certain paint colors can look slightly blue-green. Don’t let this scare you off! Stonington Gray is just like any other gray paint color, whatever you put the color next to it can take shape and pick up on those undertones. It can look like a true gray, a blue-gray, or a blue-green. Anyway you use this paint color, it always looks gorgeous!

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

Swiss Coffee is a great warm option if you don’t like stark white paint. This gorgeously creamy paint color is best used in a space with rich earthy tones, because of its slight yellow undertones. Pairing it with more natural colors will help take the yellow out of the overall color, which will really help to brighten up a space!

The Best Gray, Beige & White Paint Colors by Kadilak Homes

White Dove is considered an antique white warm paint color with hints of gray that truly appears as white without looking yellow. We can see why this paint color is so popular because of its versatility! It can be used in multiple places in a home such as trim, cabinets, walls, and so much more!


White Heron is an off-white with slight blue undertones, but still boasts a crisp and clean versatile look! Since this color is on the cooler side it combines well with marble and darker finishes.


Wind’s Breath is a great neutral that is considered a beige/off-white paint color that doesn’t lean too much towards yellow. It’s warm and inviting feel would be sure to make any home feel cozy and bright!


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