12 Neutral Kitchen Backsplash Tiles!

I love experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and colors for backsplash tile!  But not everyone wants a bold color or large tile displayed in their kitchen for years to come.  Paul always asks, “What is a neutral color?”.  Neutral is not so much a color, but actually more of a tone.  Neutral colors consists of different shades of whites, beiges, light grays, and even dark grays can fall under the neutral tone family.

I wanted to showcase some neutral tiles that can be used in any style kitchen. From traditional to farmhouse inspired, these 12 backsplash tiles are great options for your next kitchen remodel. The three main categories for backsplashes are mosaics, plain or subway tile, and large shapes.

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Mosaic tiles are essentially small tiles that create a pattern.  They typically come on a sheet (a net backing) because of their size, which helps with installation onto a kitchen wall.  You can use mosaics for a full wall of backsplash, which always looks great!  Some of my favorite mosaics are hexagon tiles, lanterns, and a modern rounded rectangular shape.  If a lot of pattern is not your thing, an alternative to make the pattern less busy is to use a mosaic as an accent and pair it with a simpler backsplash tile, like a subway tile.  A great way to incorporate mosaic as an accent tile is by installing it under the hood as an inlay to highlight the cooktop area.  You do not have to go too crazy with the design, a little change can go a long way!

MOSAIC TILE BACKSPLASH WALL  |  The Rooster House Project — View Full Project Here!

MOSAIC TILE ACCENT  |  Navy Blue Inspired New Build — View Full Project Here!

A timeless go-to is the subway tile!  This is a great option if you have never had a backsplash before or aren’t sure what style you like yet.  There are so many ways to use subway tiles, such as by themselves or mixed with a mosaic.  Subway tiles come in endless shapes and finishes like beveled edges, crackled, textured, or even with a more rustic edge like bricks. These tiles also can be paired with a larger shaped tile, like a hexagon.

PLAIN SUBWAY TILE  |  Narrow Kitchen Design — View Full Project Here!

SUBWAY WITH ACCENT TILE  |  1980’s Modern Makeover — View Full Project Here!

Using large shape tile for a backsplash gives a similar vibe to the mosaic, some people think it is too much, but I love it!  Bigger shapes, like an arabesque tile or a diamond, bring so much personality to a kitchen.  The key is to pick a neutral color, like a white backsplash tile, that will help tone down the pattern so it does not seem so busy, but will still allow the pattern to pop.  If you are looking for a more bold statement you can add a large shape with a pop of color and pair it with a plain tile surround to add interest to the overall design.

LARGE TILE BACKSPLASH WALL  |  New Chapter New Home — View Full Project Here!

LARGE TILE ACCENT  |  Fixer Upper White Kitchen  — View Full Project Here!

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