The Secret to Beautiful Reclaimed Wood!

The Secret to Beautiful Reclaimed Wood!

Reclaimed wood is by far one of the most requested design elements that we implement into our renovation projects. The variation of texture and color adds a lot of character, which is exactly what makes some people shy away from it.  Some people immediately think of old dirty wood when they think of reclaimed wood, which is not the case!

There are different ways in which reclaimed wood can be finished depending on where you are looking to install it. We discuss 3 ways that the wood is finished and locations where you can use them to show you that not all reclaimed wood is equal!

Unfinished Reclaimed Wood:
Unfinished reclaimed wood in its natural state and can still have visible nails, cracks, and lots of texture to the piece. This type of reclaimed wood would typically be used in places where people would not be touching it such as beams in a kitchen, living room, or as a ceiling detail. These reclaimed wood pieces are generally taken from ships, old barns, and many other places, and are installed as-is without any sanding or sealing to show off the natural patina and character.

Kitchen Above Featured In ‘The Rooster House Project’!
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Dining Room Above Featured In ‘Navy Blue Inspired New Build’!
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Living Room Above Featured In ‘Run Down Tear Down Goes Ultra Modern’!
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Rough reclaimed wood is when a piece is lightly sanded down and still has visible nails, cracks, and texture, but they are now sealed with a polyurethane finish. This makes these types of pieces perfect to use as mantels or reclaimed wood shelving because you can still have lots of character while still being durable enough to withstand everyday use.

Fireplace Above Featured In ‘Lexington Home Tour: Modern Rustic Style’!
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Shelving Above Featured In ‘Family Seeks Spacious Open Concept Upgrade’!
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Living Room Above Featured In ‘60’s Colonial Reveal: Modern Rustic Style’!
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A finished reclaimed wood piece is fully sanded down, you can still visibly see the nails and cracks, but they are fully filled and sealed with epoxy. Finished pieces are typically used in high traffic areas such as counters or mudroom benchtops to prevent crumbs from getting into cracks or clothes from getting snagged on a nail. There is a myth about reclaimed wood countertops not being durable, but as long as they are sanded and sealed properly they will last for years to come!

Kitchen Above Featured In ‘Building A Dream Home’!
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Mudroom Above Featured In Project Coming Soon!

Wine Bar Above Featured In ‘A Blue Star Chef’s Kitchen Dream’!
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